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    We got a new alarm put in from DSSS a couple of months ago - including the Skybell doorbell camera, smart lock, and smart thermostat - and couldn't be happier!

    The alarm dot com platform is top notch. We've used it for so many things we didn't even anticipate. Turn on your A/C from the car on the way home from a week at the lake? Check. Set your alarm from your bedside before you go to sleep, or as you drive away? Check.

    Using events even lets you combine various things - with the touch of one button before you go to bed you can ensure your front door is locked, adjust your thermostat temp and set your alarm. You can decide what combinations of things work for you.

    Honestly one of the best features is the doorbell and video plan. It lets you know whenever anyone walks up to the door, and saves a 30 second video. Know instantly when the UPS guy drops that package on your step? Check. Don't want to interrupt your movie for another solicitor? Check...just ignore them, you can see who is there. I imagine this would be tremendously useful for breastfeeding moms or others that can't run to the door at a moment's notice....if it's someone you recognize, you can talk to them through the doorbell via your phone, and then unlock the door to let them in. Really loving this feature.

    But that's all just the system - when it comes to service you can't go wrong with DSSS. Ken and his team are top notch - from figuring out what system components are best for you and your needs (and your budget), to the install itself, which was done efficiently and professionally.

    If you're in the market for a new alarm, or want to explore the many possibilities of modern systems, I highly recommend giving them a call. You can't go wrong!

    Brad Zimmer
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    Top notch customer service and professional installation!!! These guys know their stuff!

    Ian Douhaniuk
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    Ken and his team are great to deal with! I highly recommend them.

    Nhu Gaudet