About Design Smart Security

Security System Installation Company in Saskatoon, SK

Design Smart Security Solutions and its authorized partners deliver creative solutions with a refreshing approach using intelligent scalable solutions for Commercial, Industrial, or Smart Home Security needs. Design Smart Security Solutions incorporates convenience with the reassurance of safety and security. Design Smart Security Solutions keeps you connected to your family, home, and business with smart phone activated door locks garage door openers, lights, thermostat, and a multitude of electrical appliances. Our highly trained and professional team will design a plan to protect all your commercial, farm and residential properties with Design Smart Security Solutions that are right for you and your pocketbook. As your local trusted professional, we will make sure to find what you need to be safe and secure from flood, fire, heat, break-ins, theft and vandalism.


To be regarded as the best security provider company. Continuously growing and a leader in the market we do business in.

To stand out for providing top-quality services to our clients. Offering them professional security personnel with advanced knowledge, sufficient skills, credible support service and positioning our identity as the finest security provider in the industry.


At Design Smart Security Solutions, it is our mission to become the leading provider of security solutions, ensuring that our team is the best in our field. That our customers are provided with the peace of mind that their homes and businesses are running in a safe & secure environment. This will be established on the basis of mutual respect, honesty, and diligence in developing key working relationships with both our clients and staff. We are focused on building sustainable, long term relationships with our customers, employees and suppliers. We will ensure an innovative and personable approach, we will continue to challenge all of our business processes to achieve and exceed at all times.


Customer Driven: We will be respectful, empathetic, responsive, quality focused, caring and consistent in all customer relations. We will always keep the customer at the forefront of our decisions and our actions.

Team Work: Every member of the Design Smart Security Solutions team will contribute their individual time and talent in a coordinated effort to ensure the company will consistently meet its’ strategic goals. We will communicate our Vision, Mission and Values in a clear, consistent and transparent manner so that all team members understand their role and requirements in achieving these goals.

Innovation: We will be innovative across the whole organization. The products, systems and technologies that we deliver to our customers will represent the leading edge in our industry. We will partner with companies that provide us with the highest quality custom security solutions available.

Collaboration: Maximizing relationships to surpass those of the individual. Each member of our team agrees to be accountable for ownership of their actions in relation to other members of the team, our various partners and especially to our customers.

Excellence: Setting and achieving high standards in the security business. Our goal is to create effective, custom security solutions to meet the unique needs of each and every customer.

Integrity: Displaying the highest ethical and professional standards in all facets of our business, our actions shall remain consistent. We will gain trust by honoring our commitments, exemplifying honesty and integrity to our customers, our employees and our community.

Respect: Showing politeness and understanding for all with those we interact with.